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​The authority is as follows, 

1. Comply with the law on budgetary procedures and other relevant laws.

2. Suggest policies and guidelines for budget allocation in line with state policy and National Economic and Social Development Guidelines to the Cabinet.

3. Provide advices on budgeting in line with government budget and state enterprises.

4. Prepare estimated budget with regard to fiscal discipline and economic stability.

5. Prepare Annual Budget Expenditure and draft of Additional Budget Expenditure Act Proposed to the cabinet.

6. Provide increase or decrease of the budget allocation proposal in accordance to the situation and national finance to the cabinet and Prime Minister.

7. Manage budget for the utmost benefit and cost effectiveness, to achieve the goal and objectives of the task as planned.

8. Monitor, evaluate and report the work results from the budget expenditure of government agencies and state enterprises.

9. Prepare a report on the changes of budget transfer, and propose to the Cabinet.

10. Provide suggestions and comments to the Cabinet on budget and other relevant matters.

11. Perform other acts as required by law that in authorize of the Budget Bureau or assigned by the cabinet or the Prime Minister.


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